North Chicago Treasurer Wyatt Shatters Earnings Record for City Portfolio in Fiscal Year 2024 North Chicago, IL

North Chicago, IL – North Chicago City Treasurer Vance D. Wyatt proudly announces a
significant milestone today, as the City Treasurer’s Office achieved an unprecedented record in
investment and bank interest earnings for the city’s portfolio during Fiscal Year 2024 (May 1,
2023, to April 30, 2024). This remarkable accomplishment marks the highest earnings ever
recorded for the city’s investments and bank interest in a single year, nearly doubling the
previous record set in Fiscal Year 2023 ($827,536.34), based on all available city records.

Under Treasurer Wyatt's stewardship, the Treasurer’s Office generated an impressive $1,664,944.45 in investment and bank interest earnings, translating to an extraordinary return of $39.09 for every dollar expended by the Treasurer’s Office. This remarkable figure is net of all advisor and trading fees.

North Chicago residents are encouraged to access the Treasurer Report and further insights into
the City Treasurer’s Office performance by visiting the City’s website at

"Each dollar earned through prudent and strategic investments by my office directly contributes
to alleviating the need for tax increases by the City Council. I am committed to sustaining high
returns over the coming years, even amidst fluctuating interest rates. We will remain agile,
adapting our investment strategies to thrive in a lower interest rate market" remarked Wyatt.

In his role as the City’s Chief Investment and Banking Officer, Treasurer Wyatt diligently
oversees the administration of the city’s investment portfolio. Notably, the Treasurer’s Office
stands as the sole department within the city that generates revenue without imposing taxes or
fees on residents or businesses.

The April monthly Treasurer’s report, detailing the earnings for that month, will be available on
the city’s website by May 17th.