Treasurer of the
City of North Chicago (May 2021 to Current)

  • Brought the city into compliance with US Department of Justice and Department of Treasury asset forfeiture filings after three years of missed reports.
  • Ensured city compliance with our PCII certification, which had not been in compliance since 2017.
  • Initiated an online web portal on the city’s website that houses all of the city’s bill runs, monthly, and annual treasurer reports online.
  • Broke the city’s investment record in Fiscal Year 2023 and surpassed it again in Fiscal Year 2024, on track to double last year’s record.
  • Ended the practice of the Treasurer personally taking cash up to $80k to the bank by bringing on an armored car service.
  • Provided the analysis to help fund the city’s pensions without a property tax increase.

Expanding Banking  Access

In my role as City Treasurer, I advocated for increased banking accessibility within our city. Through collaboration with PNC Bank, my office facilitated the deployment of a mobile unit, offering expanded access to banking services for our community.

Hosted Financial Literacy  courses

While campaigning for City Treasurer, I pledged to educate our community on personal finance. Despite the City Attorney's directive to halt direct provision of this service through my office, I have remained committed. I've actively engaged with various non-profit organizations and churches in the community to ensure that this valuable service remains accessible to all, free of charge.

Promotion of Property Tax Rebates to the community

Teamed up with State Senator Johnson, State Representative Mayfield, and Alderman Evans to organize a Property Tax Rebate event aimed at discussing the array of tax rebates released by the state in 2022.

Foss Park District Commissioner (May 2019 to Current)

Redevelopment of Foss Park Beach

As Park Commissioner, I worked with my fellow Board members to approve a $4 million redevelopment of Foss Park Beach, which was Phase 1 of the Foss Park Master Plan.

Built Citizen's Park

As Commissioner, worked with the Board to acquire land from the City of North Chicago to build Citizen's Park in the 1st Ward. This was the first public (non-school) park established since the 1930s.

Redeveloped Neville and Boak Parks

As Commissioner worked with the Board to redevelop Boak Park in the 3rd Ward and Neville in the 2nd Ward. 

  • Worked with my fellow Commissioners to implement financial policies that have enabled the Foss Park District to achieve the highest bond rating and become the most financially secure government agency in our community.
  • Pushed and passed a property tax levy that reduced the District's tax rate by 5%.
  • Pushed and passed the largest land acquisition for the Park District since the 1960/1970s
  • Brought back the annual Commissioner Scholarship to residents seeking to go to college or technical school
  • Opposed efforts to outsource youth sports programs.
  • Pushed for and applied for $3 million in grants in 2023, resulting in the installation of two new playgrounds at Foss Park.
  • Reduced fees for our youth sports programs.

Lake County Board Member/Commissioner (Jun 2017 to Nov 2018)

  • Voted to lower property taxes.
  • Voted on a framework to limit the gerrymandering of County Board Districts.
  • Voted against raising property taxes.
  • Voted in favor of increasing the smoking age to 21.
  • Voted in favor of improving the Use of Force Policy for Forest Preserve Police Rangers.
  • Voted for funding the County's first 211 service.
  • Voted to expand the amount of County funds for Jail Diversion and keeping people within their homes.
  • Voted against increasing the salaries for County Elected officials.
  • Worked with the State's Attorney to enhance and expand the A Way Out Program.
  • The only County Commissioner to refuse taxpayer-funded health and dental insurance and pension.

Pressured Metra on rehabbing the North Chicago Train Station

As a resident of North Chicago, I know how dilapidated the North Chicago Metra Station had been for years. I fought to get Metra to treat our community the same as all other communities under their system. Today, we have a rehabbed Metra station.

Acquired the funds for     14th Street/ Audrey Nixon Blvd reconstruction

After taking over from Lake County Board Member Nixon, I helped finished getting the funding for the 14th Street; which is now named after Commissioner Nixon. 

Acquired over $75 million dollars for our District

As a County Board Member, I tirelessly worked to acquire as much funding as possible for our County District. These funds were allocated to local governments like the City of North Chicago and to non-profits that serve our residents.

Foss Park District Commissioner (May 2015 to Jun 2017)

  • Voted against raising our Property Taxes by 28%
  • Worked with Congressman Schneider and Dold to waive the 100k application fee to rebuild North Chicago’s Beach
  • Spearheaded the creation of scholarships to North Chicago and Waukegan youth
  • Pushed for the reconstruction of Tennis Courts at Twin City Park
  • Reduced Golf Course Losses from 750k to 250k
  • Established Board Bylaws, Policies and Regulating Ordinances
  • Pushed a plan to reopen the Foss Park Swimming pool
  • Reduced spending of Commissioners by 40%
  • Worked to rebuild trust in the institution

North Chicago Public Library Trustee (Apr 2011 to Jun 2017)

  • Worked with fellow Trustees on a $3 million dollar remodel at no cost to taxpayers
  • Appointed to the Illinois Library Association Public Policy Committee where served for three terms
  • Cut spending by 12% first year in office to upgrade technology throughout the library
  • Worked to make the library more accessible to residents by adding additional stops to the bookmobile
  • Spearheaded the elimination of unnecessary rental fees
  • Pushed for the expansion of collection to include eBooks, Video Games and iPads for checkout
  • Wrote 80% of the library polices